Even the smallest business needs a website. Here are 10 reasons why.

Self-employed mechanic fixing car wheel

Lots of small business owners feel they don't really need a website because their business is too small and getting a website is too complicated and too expensive. But it's not true and it's losing you business. Here's why ...

1. Having a website adds credibility to your business and makes you look professional.

2. If you have a website, potential clients searching for your type of service will be able to find you via Google.

3. Most people use the internet as their main way to find services and products. If a list of suitable company names come up, they click on those with a website and ignore those who don't. If you don't have a website you are losing out.

4. It also give you the chance to demonstrate your skills and experience with testimonials, csse studies, qualifications, accreditation, memberships of trade associations etc.

5. A business website allows new clients to instantly find the information they are looking for such as what services you offer, product lists, your prices, location, opening hours and more.

6. A picture paints a thousand words. A website allow you to display photos of what you can do. A gallery of fabulous haircuts or gorgeous garden designs will sell your service much more effectively than words ever could.

7. Having an email or contact form on your website allows customers to contact you when it's convenient for them. If they are researching on the internet in the evening, they may choose the company they can email immediately rather than the one they have to wait till morning to telephone.

8. Do you have a business premises? You can include a google map so customers can find you easily.

9. What image are you trying to convey? Reliable? Fashionable? Technical? Hipster? Experienced? Original? Professional? A well-designed website can convey your style quickly and effectively.

10. Webadoodle makes it easy and inexpensive to get a website for your small business. Just tell us about your business, we'll do all the techy and design bit and put your website online from just £299 - fixed price and no hidden costs.

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