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7 signs your website needs updating

7 signs your website needs updating

Was your website designed when Yahoo! looked like this?

Are you worried your website might be looking a bit outdated?

Are any of these familiar?

  1. You're reluctant to give people your web address because you are embarrassed.

  2. Your website doesn't look right on a mobile.

  3. It was designed in the noughties.

  4. The links on your site are in blue and underlined.

  5. It has cute little clip art on it.

  6. The titles are outlined or have drop shadows.

  7. You have to scroll sideways to see the whole screen when you’re on a mobile or tablet.

If any of these ring true, then it's time to put your website out of its misery and get a fresh, contemporary design.

An old-fashioned website looks unprofessional and undermines the trust of potential clients. If your website clearly hasn't been updated for a while, visitors may even wonder if you are even still in business. And if your website doesn't work on mobile then effectively you don't have a website as that is how the vast majority of people use the internet.

Luckily, I can help. Don't worry if you are not sure about the whole thing, let's have an informal chat - you've got to start somewhere!

It's time to get the website your business deserves.


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