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Sample designs

I will create an original bespoke design for you.
Here are some sample designs to show the type of thing that can be done.

Bold & colourful

Screenshot bold colourful.png

1 page website

Style: bold, eyecatching, strong use of colour

Suitable for: a modern company that wants to make a statement.


Beauty & luxury

Screenshot beauty

5 page website

Style: contemporary, luxury, stylish, warm, feminine

Suitable for: the beauty industry: hair & nail salons, make up & beauty treatments & spas. Or luxury products: jewellery or bespoke fashion.


Minimalist Contemporary

Screenshot Minimalist Contemporary.png

3 page website

Style: clean, contemporary, urban, edgy, duotone

Suitable for: any style conscious business especially those with a a younger client base.


Business Consultant

Screenshot Professional consulting

1 page website

Style: professional, business-like, modern, authoritative


Suitable for: any professional service such as consultants, architects, surveyors, accountants etc.


Bespoke Artisan

Screenshot bakery.png

3 page website

Style: contemporary, welcoming, professional


Suitable for: any baking, catering or hospitality. Would also work well for any artisan crafts. The gallery showcases past work.


Trade / maintenance


1 page website

Style: Modern, reliable, friendly, local, experienced


Suitable for: 

maintenance and services companies including electricians, plumbers, joiners, builders etc.