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Web design in Chester and the North West


I want to run and edit my website myself. Does this mean I have to build it myself too?

No. I will create a website that works perfectly on desktop and mobile and will make your business look professional online. When it is published you will have full control to edit it yourself.

Why do you build your websites on Wix?

Nowadays, many small business owners prefer to run the website themselves. This gives them the freedom to make changes whenever they want and avoid paying ongoing web developer fees. Wix is an ideal platform for this. It's robust, intuitive, user-friendly and has great customer service plus a wealth of how to videos and articles. 
By asking me to design your website, you can have the best of both worlds: a website that looks professional and works perfectly but that you can run yourself.

Why don't you use Wordpress?

It's horses for courses. I have ten years' experience on Wordpress. Wordpress is great because it offers lots of add-ons. But it's not easy to maintain and update if you are not a web professional. For a simple, information website, the extra features Wordpress offers aren't required and just make it harder to run.

If I run my own website, how much will web hosting cost?

In most cases it's around £110/year for website hosting plus around £12/year for your domain name.

If I run my own website, what happens if I need help?

Don't worry – I have your back. I offer all clients a 30-day post-publication safety net when I will make any small amends and deal with any little niggles that pop up as you start to use your website. 


And after that I'm not running away. I'm still available on an ad hoc basis  to help you if you get stuck or if you need to make more major changes.

I don't have the time or inclination to run my own website. Can you do it for me?

I don't offer a maintenance package but I am available to do any changes and additions on an ad hoc basis. Wix handles all security issues and technical updates so there's nothing to do there (unlike Wordpress).

How will I get my website online?

I'll do all that as part of the service. Once the website is finished and you are happy with it, I will get it published and online for you.  You will need to set up an account on Wix but I'll give you clear simple instructions to do that. And remember, you have a 30 day safety net to sort out any niggles post publication.

How do I get my domain name to connect to my new website?

You don't! I'll do that for you. Domain connection is all part of the service. And I can even point secondary domains to your website too. Don't have a domain name yet? Please wait until you have spoken to me. I can help you choose and register a good domain name.

How do I write the text for my website?

You can do it yourself, but I highly recommend you hire a professional copywriter who can write compelling content designed to appeal to your ideal client. They will also make it  SEO friendly by subtly weaving in the key words your clients will search for. I can recommend some great copywriters to you. My Business Launchpad package includes professional copywriting and photography.

Will SEO be built in to my website?

Yes. I will build SEO into the fabric of your website including keywords, title tags and meta descriptions.

Is it important to have a mobile friendly website?

Yes. With more than half of all website visits being made on phones, it's essential that your website works perfectly on mobile. I will optimise your business website for mobile.

What should I expect from an initial website consultation?

You don't need to prepare anything in particular. It will be an informal chat in which I will get to know your business and understand how a website could help you grow your business. So I will ask you about what you do, who your clients are, what services you offer ... that sort of thing. In other words, things you already know. Book your consultation here.

What materials do I need to provide for my new website?

Mainly text, photos or videos and your logo. To make it as easy for you as possible, I'll send you a detailed checklist. I can recommend professional copywriters and photographers to help you if required.

Do I really need professional photographs for my website?

No, but please do! 
You don't have to have professional photographs but I highly recommend that you do. Good quality photos that capture the personality of both you and your business, and look professional, make so much difference to a website. 
I can recommend some brilliant photographers to you.

How do I find and coordinate my website designer, copywriter and photographer?

The easiest way is to choose professionals who are already used to working together. Take a look at my Business Launchpad package, which includes my Start-Up Website package, copy written by a professional copywriter and brand photography in one coordinated service.

How long does it take to get a website?

That depends on the size and complexity of the website and how quickly you respond with your feedback. Usually there's about a three - to six-week lead time which you'll need to get your text and images together. A one-page website takes about two weeks and a five-page website takes about six weeks. We will agree the timescale together.

Will my website have a security certificate?

Yes. All Webadoodle websites come with an SSL certificate. When you look in the browser bar the web address will begin https://.

I know I need a website, but I don't know what should go on it. What should I do next?

Book a free consultation with me. It's very informal and there's no obligation. You can tell me about your business and I will use my 20 years of expertise to work out an effective plan for your website. Then I'll give you a detailed checklist of everything you need to provide.

Do you use templates?

No, all websites are built bespoke to the client. Before starting I will ensure I understand your business, and I will design a website to suit the specific needs of your individual small business.

How much does a small business website cost?

That will depend on which format is right to help you promote and grow your business. My three main packages range from £495 to £2250. If none of my packages  are quite right, I will give you a fixed price for a bespoke site.

Will I need to pay a deposit for my website design?

Yes, I ask for a 30% deposit to secure a timeslot to create your new website. 

How does the website design process work?

To ensure your website  is delivered in an effective and timely way, we will follow my tried and tested process. Zoom consultation > proposal & fixed price quote > contract & deposit > onboarding zoom to finalise plans and agree timescales  > prepare text and images needed  (checklist provided) > start date > draft homepage design > revisions & approval  > draft remaining pages > revisions & approval > publication > 30 day safety net. You can read more about the process on the package pages.

None of your packages are quite right for me.  Can you design a bespoke website to suit my business?

In most cases, yes. I can design a bespoke website ideally suited to your business needs.

I built my website myself. How do I make it look and work better?

I can take a look at your self-built website and provide you with some detailed actions to transform your website yourself. It will look more professional, be more effective in attracting the right sort of clients and provide a better user experience. Find out more about my homepage check and website design audit service

I want an online shop. Do you do e-commerce sites?

No, I specialise in information (brochure) websites. 

How do I link my website to my social media?

Just give me your social media details and I will connect your website to your social accounts. Social media links come as standard on all my websites.

How to I embed my Calendly appointment system onto my website?

Just give me your Calendly address and I will integrate it into your contact page so your clients can book with you right there on your website. To see how this would look, please see my Calendly booking window.

I am interested but I'm not sure I'm ready for a consultation. Should I get in touch any way?

Yes. The chances are you are overthinking it. Book a free Zoom with me.  There's no obligation and, if nothing else, you'll get to pick my brains and move your plans forward.


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What do my clients think?

"I realised that I needed a professional business website to support my consulting business and talked to Zena about building one. She listened to my requirements and produced a comprehensive plan for how she would build one for me. She also pointed out to me what else I would need to make it a quality product. Zena was easy to work with and gave me clear guidance on what feedback/information she needed. Overall working with Zena was a very pleasant experience and I am extremely happy with the website that she has built."
Ian Wainwright, Pinestar Business Consulting

Ready to give your business the professional look it deserves?

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