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Jane has an established, successful fitness company in Chester. She already had a website but it was looking a bit dated so she asked Webadoodle to produce a fresh contemporary design which would better reflect her business. She needed it to look professional, modern and welcoming and to drive traffic to her booking system.

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MiiTime screenshot Oct 2020.png

"Zena at Webadoodle understood exactly what I was attempting to convey through the website and  has captured the essence of it perfectly.  It has increased the reach of my business and has actively boosted my client base, allowing me to concentrate on my clients & the job that I love to do"


Physiotherapist Kate was only days away from launching her new business in Sheffield when she contacted Webadoodle. Within just 48 hours she had a five page website  with a professional contemporary design online. 

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screenshot of Sigma Physitherapy website

"I can highly recommend Webadoodle. Zena completely transformed my site with only a week to spare before the launch. Her attention to detail and ability to reflect exactly what I was looking for within 2 days of me enquiring was amazing!"

Ditsy Jewellery

Alice needed a website to promote the Nottingham-based part-time jewellery business she'd set up to help fund her studies. It was important to her that her three page website had a youthful fresh feel to reflect her brand image.

Screen 2
Ditsy Screenshot 2021-01-20.png

 "I wanted a website but had a very small budget so wan't sure where to start. I looked at designing my own site online but quickly discovered that it's a lot harder than it looks. Then I found Webadoodle which was exactly what I needed and I'm delighted with the result!"


Kidsguide is a popular niche website which has been providing information for families since 2005.

The trend for users to view websites on their phones meant the company founder needed to find a way to present large amounts of information in a clean, easy to navigate format.

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Kidsguide screenshot

"Kidsguide has a lot of content and large numbers of visitors so it was essential to get the design right. It needed to be attractive to look at on a small screen, quick to load and easy to navigate.  It also needed to keep the colours and logo of the established brand.
This new design works brilliantly."