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Website Design Audits

Website Design Audits and Homepage Checks

Ever get a sinking feeling when you look at your website?

You know your website should be better, but you don't know how to fix it. But, if your website is difficult to use and looks boring or unprofessional, your customers will go elsewhere.

A website design audit is an affordable way to transform your website's design and useability. You’ll receive bespoke, easy-to-action tips to work through in your own time.


I’ll review your homepage or entire website, giving you practical advice to improve the design, navigation and SEO.

Who it's for

Small business owners who want to change their website themselves.

Homepage check
the benefits

Ten bespoke tips

Improve your home page and make it look more professional.

Improve the effectiveness of your homepage

Streamline the customer journey.

Easy to action

Clear practical tips.

Apply the tips to the rest of your website

Chances are you are making the same mistakes throughout.

Your investment: £75

Website audit – 
the benefits

Review of 5 core pages

To improve the effectiveness of your website.

Detailed recommendations

To improve design, layout, navigation, text, user journey, images, SEO and tone of voice.

A page-by-page analysis

Where I recommend what you need to do and why.

A written report

You can easily refer back to.

One-hour follow-up in 3 months

Where we talk about the changes you made. You also get the chance to further pick my brain!

Easy to action

Practical, specific tips.

Apply the findings

To the rest of your website.

Your investment: £275

Easy-to-action advice to transform your website

I’m not a fan of technical jargon, so don’t worry – my website audit tips are easy to understand. 


Your report will be detailed – but the bite-sized recommendations make it easy for you to fit into your busy working life.

Here’s the type of advice you can expect

“Add your location to your home page to improve your Google ranking.”

“Make the
sub-headings on your services page consistent with the rest of your site.”

“Divide the final block of text in two to improve readability.”

“Add a consistent call to action to the bottom of every page.”

What do my clients think?

"Fantastic service from Zena at Webadoodle. Website report is clear to read, practical to follow and comprehensive. Highly recommend this service as she will definitely improve your customer experience. Superb value for money - in fact we quickly recovered the cost just by following Zena's guidance. Fast delivery too; all round excellent company to deal with."

Need a website audit to raise your game?

Transform your website with my bespoke tips.

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