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What to expect from your free web design consultation

Feeling a bit daunted about talking to a website designer?

No need. I am very approachable and I promise there'll be no techie speak.

We'll just have an informal chat.

  1. Your free consultation can be by phone, Zoom, FaceTime or email. Whatever, works best for you.

  2. If it's a live conversation, it will probably take 20 - 30 minutes.

  3. You don't need to know anything about websites. That's my job.

  4. I will not ask you for a design brief!

  5. I'll ask you about your business: what you do, what type of clients you have, what locations you cover, what services you offer ... that type of thing.

  6. I'll ask you if you have any existing branding we need to incorporate.g. a logo (if not, I can do that if you wish).

  7. You can let me know any thoughts you have had about your new website such as "I'd like it to look clean and modern." or "It needs to include photos of my past work."

  8. I'll run through a checklist of simple questions e.g. do you need to include your opening hours? Would a location map be useful? You don't need to answer all these on the spot - we can follow up later.

  9. If you are interested in me managing your website when it's finished, then we can have a chat about that too.

  10. Afterwards, I'll confirm what we discussed in an email and give you a fixed price quote and a suggested timescale.

  11. There's no obligation and there will be no sales calls afterwards.

So what have you got to lose? You've got to start somewhere!

It's time to get the website your small business deserves.

It's time to get the website your business deserves