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Why I chose Zena to do my website

Kerry Ellis independent travel agent

I met Zena at a networking walk in Delamere Forest. Zena immediately struck me as warm and friendly.

Zena’s no fuss but warm demeanour is what attracted me to her. I feel that she would always tell me things straight, no BS, but with a massive helping of kindness.

What’s it like working with Zena

We arranged a meeting to discuss what I wanted from her website writing service. We met at the StoryHouse in Chester. It turned into an overall business strategy meeting and I was blown away by her insight and advice. I really feel that this session could have been a chargeable service in its own right.

Zena listened well to what I wanted in terms of design, tone and the feeling I wanted readers to have when they visited my website. I have never employed a website designer before and she was very good at helping me organise my slightly chaotic thoughts into exactly what was important for the website. I left the meeting feeling confident that Zena understood what I wanted and excited to see what the website would look like. I knew Zena was competent to achieve what I wanted from the website.

Zena was clear and flexible with her pricing options, and I feel I got really great value for money.

Zena delivered the website design work before the agreed deadline and to a very high standard. It was much better than I had envisaged in my head. She was very responsive with all of my questions.

Zena is a great champion for my business, and I feel that she is really 'cheering me on' as well as offering her website design expertise.

What changed in my business after working with Zena

I feel much more confident about publicising my website now that Zena has made it more user friendly and beautiful. Website traffic has quadrupled since Zena worked on it.

Would I recommend working with Zena

I will certainly use Zena’s website design services again in the (very near) future and would recommend her to anyone who wants a quality website design service.

If you would like to see examples of Zena’s design work on my website – see


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