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Here's what to expect from my website design process

Sometimes people think that getting a website is a mysterious and daunting process. Well, it doesn't have to be.

I'm a massive fan of transparency, so I'm pulling back the curtain on my website design process.

Here's what happens if you get a website from me.

1. Free Zoom consultation

First, you book a free no-obligation Zoom consultation via Calendly. It's more of a friendly chat really. We'll just talk about your business, who your clients are, and why you are getting the website. There will be no techy talk.

2. Written proposal with fixed price quotation

Based on our conversation, I'll put together a proposal outlining the structure and content of a website to meet your needs. It will include a transparent, fixed-price quotation. This means you'll know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost.

3. Contract and deposit

I'll send you a written contract to sign and an invoice for a 30% deposit. Then we agree the timetable and I'll reserve your timeslot.

4. Checklist for you

I'll send you a clear, detailed checklist of what I need from you: text, photos etc. This will make it easier for you to gather everything together by our start date.

5. Homepage design

I will draft the homepage & send you a link to check. You'll be able to send back comments & request changes. Once you are happy with it, I'll ask you for the next stage payment and we will be ready to move on.

7. Draft remaining pages

I'll put together the rest of the website for your approval.

8. Ready to publish!

When you are happy with your new website, you'll pay the balance and I'll publish your website.

9. 30 days for last minute changes

Don't worry if you realise there's something you need to change. You've got 30 days to request last changes free of charge. And even after that, I'm still available to work on your website at an hourly rate. So, if your business changes and grows your website can too!


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