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Mobile-friendly checklist: What to check on the mobile version of your website and why it's essential

Woman checking a mobile phone

When was the last time you checked your business website on mobile?

Most of us carry our smartphones around with us all the time and check them several times an hour (at least!). So it's hardly surprising to learn that most website visits are now done on mobile.

And yet when checking their own website, most business owners only do it on their desktop. 🤷‍♀️

It doesn't make sense does it? Especially when you realise that Google prioritises mobile-friendly websites.

If most of your potential clients are looking at your website on their mobile, it's essential that it works properly and looks good on a phone. So get in the habit of checking your mobile site regularly and run through this mobile-friendly checklist.

Here's what you should check on the mobile version of your website:

1. How does it look generally? Is it working properly?

2. How fast does it load? Visitors will click away of it doesn't load withing a couple of seconds.

3. How fast do photos and videos load when you're not on Wi-Fi?

4. What's the main message a visitor sees before they start scrolling?

5. The menu easy to find and use?

6. Is your website easy to navigate?

7. Is it clean and uncluttered?

8. Is there a back to the top button?

9. How far do you have to scroll before finding a call to action button?

10. Are the most important/popular links quick and easy to find?

11. Is it obvious how to contact you?

12. Can visitors get to the main content in just one or two clicks?

13. Is anything missing? Have any important elements of your content disappeared?

14. Is the text large enough to be readable without zooming in?

15. Do forms, booking tools and shopping carts work?

16. Are buttons and clickable text large enough to tap easily?

17. Are clickable items well-spaced out enough so that it's easy to click the correct item?

18. Check your website on different devices. (That's what you have friends are for 😆)

In the end, it's all about ensuring that your website visitor has good experience.


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