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Are you leaving teaching to set up your own business?

illustration of teacher in a classroom of children

I work a lot with people who are changing career mid-life and find I'm doing websites for a lot of ex-teachers lately. I'm doing three right now! I guess the burn out hits harder and earlier for teachers than many other professions and they feel the need to move on.

I like designing websites for ex-teachers as they tend to be professional and committed with bags of enthusiasm for the new stage in their life.

If you're leaving teaching, I can work out the best website for your new business. I won't over-complicate things. You won't need to know any jargon or anything techy. And you can have confidence that you'll end up with a website that suits your needs, launches your new business perfectly and will help you attract your ideal clients.

If you're an ex-teacher or you're considering leaving teaching to become self-employed, I can help you. Let's have a chat!


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