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How to squish that pesky imposter syndrome

illustration of imposter syndrome

Who here has imposter syndrome?

Pretty much all of us right? Especially in the first year or two of business.

Ooh it's a sneaky little b*****d isn't it? Undermining our confidence and holding us back.

But here's the thing – recognise that EVERYONE suffers from imposter syndrome. And there are things you can do to get over it (almost).

1. Be open about it. You'll soon find that others feel the same way.

2. Reframe your attitude. Stop talking yourself down. (Would you speak to a friend like that?) Focus on your talents and achievements.

3. Step out of your comfort zone. Turn up to that networking event, post that video on LinkedIn, make that presentation. It will be so much easier than you think and will massively boost your confidence.

4. Develop a support network of like-minded colleagues in the business community with whom you can share ideas, problems and successes. And who will generally big you up.

5. Avoid the naysayers whether they're at home or in business. If they don't get you they're not your client.

6. Value your own worth. Invest in yourself and your business and do things properly. Looking and acting like a professional will do wonders for your business confidence.

And on that last point, I have a practical suggestion. Presenting yourself to the world as a credible professional is half the battle. Our new business launchpad package will equip you with a professional website, compelling copy and confidence-boosting brand photographs. It's all designed to make you feel professional and attract your ideal client.

Just what you need to hold your head up high and squash that nasty, niggling imposter syndrome.

You've got this 💪


The Business Launchpad Package is a joint venture between copywriter Laura Beckett, Quietly Loud, Maira Azhar, Maira Azhar Photography and web designer Zena Barrick, Webadoodle.


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