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Do you get annoyed by misplaced apostrophe's?

screenshot of proofed web page

For some reason misplaced apostrophes really wind me up.

If I see an apostrophe in the wrong place, or missing, I feel that the guilty party is unprofessional. I have been known not to use a company because of an errant apostrophe.

Petty? Moi? 🤣

However, I couldn't care less about semi-colons. Mainly; because I don't really understand when to use one 😄. Other people feel as strongly about semi-colons as I do about apostrophes. Everyone has their pet peeves. Could I lose business over a semi-colon? 😶

The problem is that when a potential client looks at my website, I don't know what their tolerance level is. Wouldn't it be ridiculous to lose business over a hyphen or a simple typo?

For that reason, I asked a freelance proofreader to proofread my new website. Good job too! Each of those purple spots represents a correction – one which would have made me look sloppy and could even have lost me business.

Do you want to be sure your text looks professional? Use a professional website proofreader. Get in touch – I can recommend a great one.


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