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Announcement! I'm launching a new website package for start-ups

Calling all start ups!

It's the New Year! So I'm celebrating by launching a brand new product: Webadoodle's first website package for start-ups!

This is perfect for a fledgling business that needs a simple but professional looking website.

I've taken all my knowledge of what really works for a business website and created a simple but effective start-up package. I’ve designed a format which includes all the elements I know are essential and effective for a business website. This means it’s quick, it’s affordable and it’s easy for you as all the planning and prep have already been done.

This what you get:

* Professionally designed one page website

* Your logo and tagline at the top

* One image with key message

* Longer description of what you do and what makes you unique * Short about you section

* Brief services section

* Testimonial

* Simple contact form

* Contact details & call to action


* Contemporary responsive design

* Bespoke feel and colour scheme

* Built on Wix's user friendly platform so you have the option to run it yourself going forward

* Designed so it can easily be added to as your business grows. (I can do bits and pieces ad hoc if you need me.)

* Quick turnaround if required.

* 30 days post publication to make changes (so no need to panic if you made a mistake!)

* Fixed cost £495

It’s easy, it’s effective, it ticks all the boxes.

It’s the solution you’ve been looking for!

Take a look at the start-ups package page for more details and some examples of what the start-up website looks like.


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