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Link your logo to your homepage

logo on a website

Visitors to your website are used to being able to get to a homepage by clicking on the logo at the top of a web page. So it's important to add a link to your logo to your homepage in your header. Or you'll end up with some very frustrated website visitors and that's never a good thing.

Is your website on Wix? Here's how to add a hyperlink to a logo on Wix.

  1. Go to your homepage

  2. Click on the logo in the header at the top of the page

  3. Click on the hyperlink symbol (it looks like two chain links)

  4. Click "page"

  5. Under "Which page" choose "Home (this)"

  6. Click done

  7. Click "Save" then "Publish" on the top right hand corner

  8. Check it works on your live site


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