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Your website should address your clients' pain points and show how you will solve their problems.

someone chopping an onion

"But is there room to chop an onion?"

We recently went shopping for a camper van. (Yes, I am that rock and roll 😎) .

The salesman was very keen on giving us a list of mechanical features which I frankly didn't care about, let alone understand. I'd noticed that none of the campers had anywhere to prepare food and very little storage which meant that we wouldn't be able to stray very far from shops/pubs/chip shops.

As a client, my pain point was having sufficient food prep area to be able to make proper meals which, in turn, meant we'd be able to adventure off the beaten track.

Finally, the salesman showed us a van with a bijou but workable kitchen area. My pain point was addressed and we bought the van (a.k.a. the world's most expensive onion chopping board 😂).

Do you want your website to convert more clients? Address their pain points and demonstrate your solutions.


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