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A well-designed website can help your business confidence

A confident woman

Imagine the scene. You walk into a networking event. There's a room full of professional-looking people. Someone asks you for your business card. You hesitate to hand it over because it has your website address on it and, quite frankly, you find your website a bit embarrassing.

Sound familiar? Can you feel the cold sweat?

Is this doing your business confidence any good?

Now imagine you have a well-designed website that properly reflects your business. It looks good. It works well. You are proud of it. You confidently hand over your card knowing that your website is enhancing your business profile, not undermining you.

Does that feel better?

Having a professionally designed website can actually help you feel more business confident and help you tackle that pesky imposter syndrome.

As one of my client said after we'd published her website:

"I finally feel professional!"

Sarah Garrod, Put In A Good Word


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