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Use authentic, relatable photos on your website.

Film star

Do you look like Kim Kardashian or Timothée Chalamet?


Nor, sadly, do I.

That's okay because our clients don't want to hire Kimmy or Timmy. They want to hire professionals who (a) know their job and (b) they can relate to.

1. Look relatable. Stop worrying what you look like. Your client wants you to look like a real person just like them.

2. Look professional. Make sure your photos are good quality. You're a professional – all your materials should reflect that. Hiring a professional brand photographer is a worthwhile investment.

3. Look authentic. Ditch the stock photos. They look inauthentic. If you are an accountant in Crewe, why do all the photos on your website look like models in California? Real photos engender trust.


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