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Ensure your website suits the style of your business

Website tips for small businesses no. 3

Think about the colours, the tone, the use of language, the font, the images. In fact, look at your website as a whole. What impression does it give? Does that fit with the personality of your business?

"What? My business has a personality?" 😯

Yes, of course it does. And your website should reflect and actively promote it.

Some examples:

If you are a grief counsellor, your website should be friendly and reassuring but not flippant.

If you run a hipster cafe, it should be cool and contemporary but welcoming and maybe a little tongue in cheek.

And if you run Peabody and Snobgood Chartered Accountants, it definitely should not look like this 👇 🤦‍♀️

image of badly designed webpage


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