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If you are a sole trader, use "I" not "we" in your website copy.

Website tips for small businesses no. 1

Welcome to the first in my new series of very brief tips to help service-based small business owners have a more effective website.

Many sole traders previously worked for larger employers and are comfortable hiding behind the anonymous corporate "we". They feel that if they admit to being one person they won't be taken seriously. The opposite is true.

As a sole trader your clients have the advantage of knowing they will be dealing directly with you. Your personality, skills and experience is a large part of what they are buying into. It's an advantage not a disadvantage.

If you use "I" you will come across as more authentic.

Still not convinced? Okay keep using "we" and then think how silly you'll feel when they find out it's just you.

Be proud of your sole trader status. Be authentic. (It's the same reason why you need real photos of you.)


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