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How hard can it be to build a website?

frustrated businessman trying to build website

The answer is it's easy!*

I just had a consultation with a client who has tried to build his own website. He's very technical, so he said to himself (all together now) ...

"How hard can it be?"

Many wasted hours later he found out the answer so now he has taken the sensible decision to get the job done professionally. He'll end up with a much better website and he can use the time saved to focus on what he does best.

The truth is almost everyone who comes to me to rebuild their website uses the exact same phrase. I'm considering doing some sort of Derren Brown trick where, as soon as they say it, I open a sealed envelope with it written on a piece of paper inside. 😂

*The answer is that it's easy to build a bad website. The trick is building a good one. 💡


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