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How your website can save you time to do the things you love

Zena Barrick, website designer in the garden

Did you go freelance so you could spend more time doing the things you love?

And how’s that working for you?

For many people the key driver which makes them decide to run their own business is that they will have more flexibility to spend time doing the things which are important to them.

That might mean being able to take off half term. Or take the day off to get out for a long walk when the weather is great. Or maybe just get in the veg patch (my happy place.)

Sure you have more freedom when you work for yourself but you also have a lot more responsibility and, almost certainly, a larger workload. Working for yourself is very rewarding but so many of us find that our work life balance goes right out of the window which is the exact opposite of what we had planned.

There are things you can do to free up precious time.

The first is outsource. Just because you are a solopreneur (apologies if you hate that word) does not mean you have to do everything yourself. Outsource any tasks that are routine, or you find dull, or someone else could do better than you.

The second is let your website do some of the heavy lifting. Having a website for your business can save you time in several ways:

A website is constantly available

You can’t always be available to your clients. But your website is there 24/7. This means potential customers can visit your website and access information about your products or services at any time, even when you’re pushing your child on a swing or chucking a snag on the barbie. (Yes I did live for a while in Australia. How did you guess?). By providing information online, you can reduce the need for direct customer interaction, saving time spent on answering repetitive enquiries or providing basic information. Plus the client gets the information when they want it not when you are around to give it.

Online enquiry forms will save time for you and your client

Clients appreciate being able to enquire when it suits them. This saves the client time because they don’t have to put aside time to contact you in working hours. It saves you time because you can answer when it suits you and not be interrupted by a phone call when you are busy. And it takes away the risk that the client forgets to get in touch.

Automated responses save time and improve customer service

By setting up an automated response to your online enquiries you are taking out a whole layer of admin and providing better customer service. Carefully designed, these automated responses can even provide timely and relevant information such as when your client can expect to hear from you and what the next steps will be.

Calendly integration. Bye bye email ping pong!

Oh my goodness this has saved me hours and hours. By integrating Calendly (or a similar tool) onto your website, your clients can book appointments when it suits them. Providing information on your website reduces time spent emailing

Your website is a great way to share information about your business, products, and services. By providing comprehensive and up-to-date information on your website, you reduce time & money sending out individual emails or brochures. Customers can access the information they need directly from your website, saving time for both parties involved.

FAQs can reduce the number of repetitive & irrelevant enquiries

A well-designed website can include a dedicated section for frequently asked questions . By proactively addressing common queries and concerns, you reduce the time spent on responding to individual customer enquiries. You can also manage expectations and filter out unsuitable (time wasting) enquiries. Bonus extra: it’s an excellent place to introduce keywords.

Do you want more time for your work life balance? Do you want to grow your business?

Put in some time in now to outsource tasks someone else can do better. And one of those should be your website. A well-designed website will save you so much time and will help grow your business. And maybe next time there's sunny spell you’ll have the time and mental space to enjoy it!


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