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A very simple guide to website terminology PART 1

A very simple guide to website terminology PART 1

The advantage of using Webadoodle to create your website is that you won't need to know any of the techy language used about websites.

But, if you're really curious, here are some key terms used in the world of websites.

Domain name:

This is the name of your website.

For example, the domain name for Webadoodle is

You have to choose a domain name for your website. It should be easy to spell and remember. Once you have a domain name, no one else can use it as long as you renew it and pay a small fee annually.

I can advise you on choosing a domain name and I can buy it/renew it for you if required.


This stands for Uniform Resource Locator but don't worry about that. It just means a web address.

It's similar to the domain name but longer because it has a few more bits stuck on the front.

For example, the URL for Webadoodle is


This is how your visitors find their way around your website.

It usually appears at the top of the page and is a series of links to the main pages of your site.

On mobile phones, it's usually replaced by a hamburger menu.

Hamburger menu:

Nothing at all to do with fast food.

It's where you find your way around a website on a mobile phone.

It looks like three little horizontal lines and is often found at the top right of the page.

When you tap it with your finger, the full menu appears.


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