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A very simple guide to website terminology PART 3

A very simple guide to website terminology PART 3

I won't use jargon when discussing your website with you, but you might find some of these key terms used in the world of websites interesting.

Website design:

This isn't just making a website look pretty (though that helps). It is more about making a website work properly for the user. This includes ensuring it works well on all devices, is easy to navigate and does what it is needed.

For example, a website for a restaurant should look attractive and it should be easy to find the food menu, restaurant location and how to book etc.

It's no good having a beautiful website if it doesn't deliver the required information.


This is shorthand for User Experience.

This about is ensuring that the website is easy and pleasant to use. So it's easy to find your way around, all links work and it's enjoyable to use.

It's important in giving your visitors a good impression.


Websites should be designed to be easy for everyone to use.

here are lots of things to consider including good contrasts between text and background, big clear buttons, text descriptions for images so web readers used by visually impaired users can "read" images etc.


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