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A very simple guide to website terminology PART 4

A very simple guide to website terminology part 4

Here's the fourth and final part of Webadoodle's simple guide to website terminology

Responsive design:

People might look at your site on a large wide,-screen desktop, or a small, narrow mobile phone, or on a tablet, or a laptop. It's essential but challenging to design a website which looks good and works well on any device.

Responsive design means that a website detects the size and shape of the screen and rearranges itself accordingly.

It's magic!

It's basically done by pixies.

All Webadoodle websites are fully responsive.


Designing a website is just the first step, it then needs to be published on the internet or no one will see it. This is done by a hosting company who charge a monthly or annual fee.

I can arrange this service for you if you wish.

Website management:

As well as being hosted, websites have to be technically maintained as well as updated when changes are needed.

You can do this yourself or I can do it for you for a small monthly fee. If you want someone to completely sort out and run your website for you ... just ask.

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