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Let your website be your out of hours helper

Zena Barrick, website designer for small businesses

It's simply a fact that many potential clients these days are doing their research in the evening or at weekends. But you can't be available all the time especially if, like me, you're a one-person band.

One solution is to let your website do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Instead of directing potential clients to your phone number, direct them to your website. Make use of enquiry forms, auto-responders, clear product information, transparent pricing, well thought out FAQs, specific landing pages and built in appointment booking systems to ensure your potential clients can find information and make bookings when it suits them rather than when you have time to respond.

If your client can find the information they need on your competitor's website more easily than on yours, guess what's going to happen?

Using your website to communicate clearly with your client, and giving them an easy way to communicate with you at the moment when they are primed to act, is a no brainer. And a relatively easy fix.

If you need help with your website, let me know!

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