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Why is your social media post showing the wrong image?

woman frustrated with her social media

How annoying is it when you share a blog on social media and it shows the wrong image?

So you go back and check your blog, but on your website it’s the correct image.


Frustrating isn’t it?

What is going on?

The most likely explanation is that you have copied an old blog post and repurposed it with a new copy and a new image.

When you share the link to your new blog post, it doesn’t pull through the image that shows on your blog post, it pulls through the featured image you set on the original post.

How can you fix it?

Very easily!

Go to the troublesome post in your blog and look at the gubbins end. (Yes, that is the technical term.) Where the featured image is set will depend on what platform you are using. On Wordpress you can change the featured image in the post settings panel. In Wix, go to post settings “general” and toggle the display cover image to “on”.

Problem solved!


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