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A very simple guide to website terminology PART 2

A very simple guide to website terminology PART 2

It's my job to understand the jargon, not yours - I'll only speak to you in plain English.

But, if you're interested, here are a few more key terms used in the world of websites.

Browser bar:

This is the blank bar near the top of your screen where you can type in a web address.

Secure site/security certificate/SSL certificate:

To help keep users safe on the internet, there is a system of security certificates to show which websites are safe.

When you are on a secure site, a small padlock appears in the browser bar and the URL starts with https:// not http://.

If you have an old website, you may not have this security certificate. It's essential you get this as many people's devices won't let them access non-secure sites. Worse still, they'll get a warning that your site isn't to be trusted, which is not a good look! Plus Google won't like you!

All sites made by Webadoodle have a security certificate as standard.


This is a tiny little symbol, usually a simplified version of the company logo, which appears on the browser tab.

A favicon makes a website look more professional


This stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

This includes a whole range of techniques both visible to the user and behind the scenes to encourage Google to help visitors find you.

All Webadoodle websites are search engine optimised.


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